SQL Reporting that Just Works

Fast, simple, and confusion-free. Write and share queries in a delightful SQL editor, with AI assistance. Just works, no surprises

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Tons of functionality that never gets in your way. Query, pivot, snapshot, and share.

DB Support

Supports MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite, Snowflake, MS SQL Server, and MariaDB

BYO Data

Users can manage connections, or upload their own CSVs or DB files

Schema Everywhere

Complete schema browser + autocomplete

Pivot Tables

In-browser pivot tables, downloadable, or sharable via unique URLs

Results Snapshots

Schedule and run queries on a schedule, to snapshot or archive mutating tables

Query History & Logs

Keep track of query durations over time, user logs, and SQL changes

Query Parameters

Parameterized queries automatically generate friendly UI for users who don’t know SQL

JSON Endpoints

Optionally expose queries as API endpoints for internal apps & scripts

Email Reports

Have a long-running query? Get emailed the results when they're ready

AI Assistance

Simple, predictable AI integration to help modify your existing queries or write new ones


Quickly experiment in the playground, and share results via unique URLs

Great Ergonomics

Keyboard shortcuts, shareable URLs, and intuitive UI makes SQL Explorer work the way you expect

Better Tools for Better Decisions

SQL Explorer is a powerful, intuitive, web-based SQL querying and analysis tool designed to make data flow between team members seamless and efficient. Tons of functionality, that never gets in your way. Whether you’re a growing business or start-up needing reliable reporting or an established company looking for an easy-to-integrate data tool, SQL Explorer has you covered.

What Users are Saying

"I use SQL Explorer pretty much every day. It's been wonderful for my needs."


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"I'm a happy SQL Explorer user...totally recommend it to everybody!"


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"It's fantastic, thank you for your work! It was great for allowing non-technical people to quickly read data from the database."


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SQL Explorer is permissively licensed for commercial use, and 100% open source.


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